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Tips to keep your laptop cool

Lately I have been running into a problems with my laptop overheating. There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of playing a game online and having your laptop shut down because it overheats. There were a few things I was doing wrong with my laptop set up and I found a few other handy tips to keep your laptop cool and stop it from overheating.


Tips to keep your laptop cool

1. Buy a cooling pad. As simple at that. Laptop cooling pads are relatively inexpensive and run out of your usb port so when your computer is running so it you cool pad. They will help send cool air under your laptop computer and stop it from overheating.I added a Belkin cooling pad to my setup and it has been great so far. Remember to keep your cooling pad nice and clean from dust to maximize efficiency.

2. A cooling pad also serves a dual purposes. It raises your laptop off of the table or surface that it is sitting on to allow air flow underneath. If you don’t have a cooling pad then make sure your laptop is elevated so air can flow underneath it. You can improvise with something in the house to raise it up just make sure you don’t block any of the vents and block air flow.

3. Keep the vents open and dust free. Dust will hamper your fans abilities to properly send air through the system to cool things down. I vacuum my setup once a week and use a Swiffer to keep the dust under control.

4. Never set your laptop on a blanket or your lap. Again you will end up blocking air flow vents and you will find that your computer overheats quite easily.

5. Adjust the power settings to a more balanced plan rather than a high performance plan. With Windows 7 you can alter your power plan to make your laptop run at 95% power instead of 100% and this little trick really helps. Follow this guide for the trick. Windows 7 Prevent Laptop from Overheating

6. Give your laptop a break. If things are heating up then take a break from any high powered applications or websites you are using. For example, I am playing Marvel Heroes online and my laptop gets running hot after an hour or more. I just take a break and let it cool down before trouble happens.

7. Try to keep your room or office space cool. A hot room or work area is not going to help your cause.

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