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What are the advantages of Fortador steam cleaners?

Fortador is a dynamically developing steam cleaner producer. This exciting market is full of potential benefits to growing businesses in many industries. A wide range of application of Fortador’s machines opens it up not only to car washes but also gastronomy, building and construction companies, pharmaceutical and medical centres, production lines, heavy industry sites, as well as cleaning of domestic and office spaces or companies concerned with getting read of bed bugs and insects.

Does that sound amazing? Sure thing it does. But the versatile palette of possible usage is not the end of the benefits brought by our machines. Read on.


Efficient dirt removal without health risks

No matter what is the setting, a steam cleaner is a highly efficient way of cleaning. With the release at the pressure of 16 BAR and temperature at around 120-140°C, it kills bacteria, mould spores and dust mites, without using toxic chemicals, saving you from the possibility of allergic reactions. No chemical compounds remain on the cleaned surface, no waste is left behind, nothing is sprayed around. All this contributes to health benefits of both the person engaged in the process of cleaning as well as the person using the surfaces afterwards – be it in a restaurant, beauty salon, sauna, medical centres, or your personal car upholstery.

Save time and money

Fortador steam cleaners are more profitable than traditional ones for multiple reasons. Timewise – with two stations on the one machine, you can multi-task. You can wash and vacuum at the same time, you can have two people cleaning two cars, saving their time and effort. This itself saves a considerable amount of money. On the top of that, remember about the reduced water and detergent usage, which always is an important position in the expanses of the cleaning business. There is no need to buy multiple additional parts and additions – all you need is already there, and it is really simple!

Usage versatility

In contrast to pressure washers, steam cleaners have a much wider use. Steam is not an aggressive agent, which allows it to be used everywhere, from car upholstery or food-tracks, to cleaning sanitary facilities and rooms. The humidity not exceeding 5% makes steam fully secure for electronic equipment.

Mobile capabilities

If you are thinking about being more flexible and efficient by becoming a mobile unit – we are here to facilitate! You can order a steam cleaner complete with automobile-adapted equipment (including a special platform) and run a mobile business. It is a great benefit and advantage over the companies which operate in a fixed place. When serving your customers by accessing them directly, you can present the wide range of steam cleaner applications quicker and more efficiently. 

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