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All you need to know about column lifts

Working in car workshops or warehouses involves lifting many heavy objects. Sometimes, there’s no room to make a repair pit for checking the condition of the vehicle’s chassis. What can be done in such a situation? An interesting solution in this case may be professional column lifts which can be adapted to the needs of the repair shop. What is there to know about these devices? What should you look for when choosing them?

Column lifts - why are they so useful?

The main advantage of column lifts is that they take up little space. That's why they work well in small areas, which is important when there’s not much room in the workshop or warehouse to install larger lifting equipment. You can also use transmission jacks which operate on a similar principle and can be purchased together with a basic column lift. In addition, such lifts can also be used outdoors, making it easier to move cargo or cars brought on a trailer.

What to look for when choosing column lifts

First of all, you should choose products from reliable brands with many years of experience in the production of this type of equipment. It is also worth checking whether they meet generally accepted standards. The best companies use the latest technologies and protection measures, which guarantee trouble-free use for many years. In addition, it is good to find out more about the availability of spare parts for column lifts. This can significantly affect the time and cost of maintaining and repairing such a device in the event something happens to it. It is also important to check how the manufacturer services the column lifts, what the length of the warranty period is, and whether the company also performs post-warranty services. You can also find out if there is an authorised repair service in the area or if the company cooperates with an authorised service centre.

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