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The basics of allergy - information and advice

It is rather unpleasant to confess, but at present an allergy is quite common for many people: both, for children and grown-ups. It can be inborn or acquired. There are different types of allergies, and people often discuss it in companies. Nobody will be surprised when you say that you've got an allergy.


But not so many of us are aware of what an allergy exactly is. So, allergy is not a disease, it is an anomalous response of your immunity on the different materials and things (which are themselves absolutely normal in usual conditions). If you don't suffer from an allergy, you will not have any reaction to the materials. But each one who has allergy will have an abnormal reaction. Some substances may cause the appearance of allergy symptoms (they are different, depending on the allergy type). If we mean tablets, their side effects may also lead to allergy (though it's not about everybody).

So let's see what exactly happens when a person reacts to a certain trigger. In fact any allergic response happens because of the influence of probable irritants (it can be almost anything); these allergens react with antibodies and influence the allergic cells.

You know that allergy may be acquired at any moment in life, despite of the person's age. But why and how allergy begins? One day special antibodies may start to appear, they can be related to any possible irritant: whether it is various pollen, mould, fur of the animals, some products or even the pills. The given process is usually known as activization, when a person has contact with the irritant and his\her immunity reacts, producing antibodies as a response to the allergen.

When a person has the next contact with the same trigger, allergic cells react even quicker in the second case; all allergy symptoms will be present again at every next contact. Of course everybody understands that the type of reaction is closely connected with the kind of allergy you suffer from.

Reasons of allergies' appearance are even more interesting and important.

Nobody knows why certain people become allergic to some things. There are cases when heredity also plays an important role, but not for sure. Very often children have the same allergies as their parents (but not always, of course). Actually, these reactions are connected with the necessity of the immunity to defend our health.

So, be aware of the possibilities, while allergies may happen at any age and any period of life.

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