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Sleek and versatile - the new Logitech keyboard

The keyboard on your laptop does not work - perhaps you need something extra? In this case, you’ll probably connect some new hardware. Usually, you would connect a keyboard via a cable, but that doesn’t make your job easier. Time to end this - Logitech has prepared something really special for its customers.

The ten-foot range is one of the core strengths of the K400 Wireless Touch Keybord from Logitech. This eliminates the need to sit at a computer to be able to use it. This is especially useful when your equipment is connected to a projector or TV, and you just want to work on a larger screen. Now you can sit back on the couch and work, without using a standard keyboard.

But that's not all - this new solution from Logitech is primarily about the nice, modernized look. The extra flat profile keyboard keys are very light, so you can hold it on your lap without much of a problem. You can also put it down almost anywhere – it is small, and its modern design will dazzle the eyes even on the table in the living room.

The K400 is also a multifunctional touchpad with a diagonal of 3.5 inches, supported even in Windows 8, so you do not need to reach for a mouse. What about performance? Relax, you do not even need to change the battery. Simply plug in the small Logitech Unifying receiver, forget about everything and work without fear.

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