Friday, 11 July 2014 06:01

A new mobile app designed to prevent distracted driving - bumpr

bumpr bumpr

What do you do to avoid being distracted while you’re driving? Now there’s a new app to help you resist the temptation of responding to calls, text messages and social media notifications when you’re at the wheel. Statistics show that 60 per cent of drivers who have cell phones admit to using them while driving.

Belairdirect is launching a new mobile application that is sure to come as welcome news to many drivers and especially young adults: bumpr, the social media notification bumper. It is designed to prevent distracted driving resulting from the use of smart phones and particularly incoming text messages and social media notifications.

How it works

The application activates automatically once a vehicle is in motion. Depending on what settings the user chooses, bumpr can redirect calls to voicemail, it can block various kinds of alerts and notifications, and it can automatically send a pre-selected response to incoming text messages, without requiring the driver to touch the phone.


Launch the bumpr app, available free of charge to all motorists and designed for use exclusively with the Android* operating system


Select the applications you want to block (For example, you can choose not to block incoming calls if you have a Bluetooth system)


Choose from a variety of automatic SMS responses to let people know that you’ll respond to them once you’ve arrived at your destination


bumpr uses your cell phone’s accelerometer and GPS to detect when your vehicle is moving and activates itself when you exceed 20 km/h

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