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Eco driving

Hybrid cars are gaining more and more supporters. They are popular mainly among those who are interested in optimising maintenance costs, despite the higher purchase price. People who are concerned about the environment also often choose these vehicles.

Hybrid cars combine the advantages of gas and electric power, providing comfort and safety during long getaways and not requiring significant expenses. Thanks to the use of a gasoline engine and an electric motor, their wear and tear is reduced, thus increasing the life span of the vehicle.

Leading car manufacturers, including Chrysler, are committed to continuing to develop hybrid models. One of the latest offers from this brand is a van ideal for travelling both alone or with the family, especially with young children. The Pacifica Hybrid is the latest generation of hybrid cars. It has been designed to provide comfort to both the driver and the passengers, including the youngest ones who require a lot of attention.

An interesting commercial was created to promote this unique car. It shows that seemingly ordinary things may turn out to be unusual. If you would like to find out why this car is so unique, click the play button and watch this short video. 

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