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Freshness is the fundamental principle

Storing food is a problem for all of us. We often do not know how to properly store leftovers or an excess of purchased food. This is why it is worth appreciating the effort refrigerator manufacturers such as LG have put in to meet the needs, and deal with the problems of their customers, so that their refrigerators almost think for us, so that we don't have to.

Regardless of how much and what food you want to store, the new LG refrigerator will prove itself in every situation. All thanks to innovative solutions such as Door in Door, Custom Chill or Fresh Filter. But first thing's first - the Door in Door system is a unique solution that allows you to increase the capacity of your refrigerator as well as the level of freshness. Thanks to the double door, your food stays fresher for longer, and the numerous shelves allow you to store virtually any amount of food. The Custom Chill area is a unique drawer where you can store anything. With the possibility to set one of four temperatures, it can serve as both a freezer and a refrigerator.

LG refrigerator
The Fresh Filter allows you to store any kind of food, without the fear of unpleasant odors. Thanks to this, your food can be kept fresh for a long time and the aromas from each item do not penetrate one other. What else does LG offer? Smart Cooling Plus is a solution that allows you to maintain the optimum level of humidity and temperature in the refrigerator, which also means that your food will remain fit to eat for longer.
Would you like to know about all the advantages of LG refrigerators? Watch the video!

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