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Facts you might not know about Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku facts, parents, school, history and clubs Romelu Lukaku facts, parents, school, history and clubs

Lukaku transfer to MU is the main event of the summer transfer window 2017. Why Romelu is a mama’s boy, why he is so fond of Voronezh and connected to FC Spartak Moscow.


Antwerp – 1993 - Lukaku history

At the mere mention of the Belgian city and 1993, Spartak experienced fans can recall one of the most annoying and unfair defeats in the history of the club. The Red-Whites after the victories over Liverpool and Feyenoord were considered as basically the main favorites of the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. They won the first match of a semifinal with a great advantage against Royal Antwerp FC at the Luzhniki Stadium. However, there went something wrong in the second leg match in Belgium. The main hero of the match became the Portuguese referee Corrado. He removed Viktor Onopko and called the predetermined penalty upon the appeals of the players of Antwerp FC. It resulted in the final outcome of the match. Why it should have something to do with Lukaku, you might ask? It is hard to imagine but Romelu was really at that match together with the courageous mum, although couldn't watch the game. The memorable event was held on April 22, 1993. The future forward of Manchester United was born in a few days after that, on May 13, 1993.

"Mama's boy" - Romelu Lukaku parents and family

The father of Romelu, Roger Lukaku, was a professional football player as well. He started his career in Congo, and later on played for the Belgian clubs. Adolfin Lukaku, a mother of the striker, was completely engaged in the education of her eldest son. She always gave him a good advice and it helped Romelu to find himself in the football world. He used to play under number 10 for a long time as his mother’s birthday is on October 10. However, the forward is going to play under “9” in MU. He got the permission for the number personally from Zlatan Ibrahimovic. By the way, his brother, Jordan, is a professional football player as well. He currently defends the colors of Lazio.

Romelu Lukaku parents and lifestyle

 Romelu Lukaku likes a balls

Failed scientist - Lukaku school

Lukaku went to school of the Antwerp club "Rupel Bum" at the age of 5. However, his parents considered football is just necessary "for general personal development" and to satisfy their kid’s thirst for the game. Roget and Adolfin allowed their sons to play football only on condition that they were good at school. In fact, they dreamed at heart to see Romelu and Jordan not football players, but scientists. Despite their choice, the freshman of MU succeeded in studying languages (knows English, French, Dutch, Congolese and Spanish). He’s got a Bachelor degree of Tourism as well.

"God" Lawyer and happy Voronezh - Lukaku Congo 

Lukaku debuted for the Belgium national team at the age of 17 when Dick Advocaat was the head coach of Red devils. The young football player scored 19 goals within the first season for Anderlecht. However, he couldn't score any for the national team though. Playing against Croatia, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Austria he used leave the field with a clean sheet. And finally, Romelu made a double during his 8th match for the national team. First goals were scored in the match against Russian Federation on November 17, 2010. The event took place in Voronezh, Belgians won 2:0. Lukaku took advantage of some howlers of Igor Akinfeev and Victor Vasin. Dick Advocaat was at the head coach of Belgians during the Championship. He was actually the first coach Lukaku started his international career with.

Fan of British automotive - Lukaku lifestyle

When the forward moved to England and received the impressive contract, he could taste a bit of a luxury. Lukaku has British preferences for both: cars and football. It is well-known some Spanish clubs were really interested in him including Real Madrid. Romelu was quite firm in his decision and rejected all offers for moving to the Pyrenees. He only dreamt about the EPL. Now, a famous Belgian forward has in his garage two pearls: Bentley Continental GT Speed (about €250k) which accelerates to 60 miles for 4.2 seconds and Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. Romelu bought it for more than €500k. Why? He can afford it and even more.

Greatest Lukaku clubs

After transfer to Manchester United he said one phrase to flatter the Red Devils: "I couldn't refuse to the greatest club of the world". The statement, of course, is rather disputable. Although Real, Barcelona and Bayern Munich won’t definitely run to the court to sue him. Each football player has full authority (and sometimes and contractual obligations) to tell such big words. However, the fans reminded Romelu that he already called Chelsea "the biggest club in England" a few years ago. On top of it, even Alan Shearer didn't miss an opportunity to joke: "Lukaku says that it is impossible to refuse to the largest club of the world? But I refused to Barcelona!" It is even more strange that Romelu in public didn't call Everton the biggest club of Liverpool.

Romelu Lukaku greatest clubs

Likaku clubs and teams


Senior career - Romelu Lukaku Clubs

  • 2009–2011 Anderlecht - 33 goals
  • 2011–2014 Chelsea - 0 goals
  • 2012–2013 West Bromwich Albion - 17 goals
  • 2013–2017 Everton - 68 goals
  • 2017– 2019 Manchester United - 28 goals
  • 2019 - Inter Milan


"Facts" about Romelu Lukaku

Some witty guys had a Twitter page a few years ago where posted some "facts" about Lukaku. Those "facts", of course, were fake and full of fun. The impressive power of Romelu was exaggerated beyond the years and they ridicule some his qualities and habits.

"When Bruce Banner gets angry, he turns into Hulk. When Hulk gets angry, he turns into Lukaku".

"When Romelu Lukaku was 5 years old, he sent an origami airplane. Yesterday it landed".

"When Alexander Bell invented phone, it had three missed calls from Lukaku".

"Lukaku runs until the treadmill isn't tired".

"Once Lukaku killed two stones with one bird".

"Fear of spiders – an arachnophobia. Fear of the narrow closed spaces – claustrophobia. The fear of Romelu Lukaku calls Logic".

"During the holiday in France Lukaku went on a bike ride and accidentally won Tour de France ".

"Lukaku carried the mother from hospital home after she gave birth to him".

"Romelu went to the Virgin Islands and now they are called just Islands".

"Lukaku doesn't need to flush in a restroom. Shit is afraid of him and flushes by itself ".

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