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Move by myself or with a company?

At some point, almost every couple gathers to discuss whether they would like to move in together or keep their flexible and independent lifestyles and continue dating.

Where to move? Buy or rent? Will parents approve? Finally, how to move? Better to do it yourself or hire a man with a van? A removal company? If these questions are churning in your head, follow the next paragraphs to find the answers and find the most suitable way to move.

1.  Start from the very beginning

Try to find the core reasons why you want to start living together. This really needs to be well thought through. Weigh pros and cons carefully by drawing or writing them down in a notebook or an excel sheet. To make it easier for you, below is the list of benefits that come with living together with your partner: ·         more time spent together ·         less time wasted on commuting (a few quit saved as well!) ·         you get to know each other better ·         arranging your apartment together, discovering favourite colours, patterns, design ideas ·         motivation to cook and eat together – healthy & bonding! ·         being loved and feeling secure Convinced? Read on!

2.  Best months to move

It depends on how far you aim to move and how much you plan to take from  your current apartment. If you already know whole undertaking will be rather time-consuming and complicated, wait for the time when you can devote enough time to it, say, at least two weekends or a week. Your days-off, bank holidays, long weekend? If you are still students you may try to arrange a removal during holidays or term breaks. If your profession allows summer holiday between July – September, this is as well a nice time to organize a move. Not only timewise - the weather will play to your strengths as well. You’d hate to imagine that your fav sofa or expensive, antique wardrobe could get damaged because of moody and unpredictable weather. However, it might be enough time to carry out the whole removal plan, you need to put some time aside to create the agenda itself! If you happen to have a few minutes now, let’s do it together.

Plan ahead

1.       Make an inventory list of items you want to take with yourself from your flat and your partner’s place

2.       Decide what you need to take. I’m guessing – you don’t need 10 fans, 5 electric toothbrushes 10 kitchen chairs?

3.       Are there any items you will certainly want in your new home? Frist check whether there will be enough space for them

4.       Find out how many square meters each one of you need to live comfortably. Is the studio really enough? Look at your inventory list and try to assess how much space they will occupy.

5.       If you feel like drawing a scheme of your new flat and assign places to your furniture, electronics, plants – don’t hesitate! It will save you some time and hassle. On the day, you will know right away where all stuff should go!  

4.    I hate throwing stuff out – what can I do?

Ok, nobody likes to get rid of things that still hold a sentimental or financial value. Though the question is if this is really why you want to keep particular items. To help you decide use a 4T method. Divide furniture, books, household items, electronics into the following categories:

1.       To KEEP 

2.       To SELL 

3.       To GIVE AWAY

4.       To THROW AWAY 

The main criteria should be the amount of dirt and dust on these items! As for the third category, things to sell would be the ones you’d like to take care of quickly, to get them sold and sent before the removal. You want to get rid of all unnecessary things, so you don’t waste your money and time to transport something you will continue not to use in the new apartment ;)  

5.  Move by myself or with a company?

If you have enough time and you can count on your friends to help you with carrying stuff out of the old apartment and in to the new one you can definitely try to arrange it all by yourself. Though if you think you may not handle the loading, transport and unloading yourself, simply because the stuff is too heavy, oversized or some extra equipment is required, consider hiring a man with a van or a removal company. It’s a good idea especially if this is a long route or an international removal. It’s better to ship your belongings with a company that has years of experience than stressing out about every single issue you encounter and do not know how to solve!



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