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Fascinated by movement


Movement is the foundation of our existence. It is due to movement, that we are able to perform various tasks. Walking, waving our arms, reaching for a pen - this whole process on a daily basis goes unnoticed. But being fascinated by movement is something which has accompanied us for centuries, and because of it, we can enjoy more and more perfect means of transport.

Lexus has also become fascinated by movement, having conjured up some interesting experiments which show just how interesting an experience movement can be. Among the projects was, among others, an experiment entitled ‘Strobe’. Lexus used Lightman - a blend of technology and artistry, and managed to capture the phenomenon of the moving human body using him. Lightman goes all over town – through walls and windows, and finally jumps from the top of a building, in order to jump right onto the roof of the new Lexus.

This unusual choreography shows us just what an amazing view a man in motion can be. It is also an inspiration for the creators of the car - to make vehicles as agile as the human body. The Liquidity and freedom of movement of the observed stroboscope makes Lexus an even better car brand, which fully answers the demands of its consumers.

What other experiments have the people at Lexus prepared? Click on the video and see for yourself!

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