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Elegant Security

Hyundai Genesis Hyundai Genesis

A good car is one which we’re not ashamed of when showing it off in front of our friends, and one in which we can safely take these friends for a ride. The creators of the new Hyundai Genesis took both of these things to heart, and have created a phenomenal car of high class.


A beautiful, elegant line with a rich interior upholstered with top quality wood. All this makes the Genesis so tempting, you just want to get in and drive it…best done when dressed in a tailored suit, with a Rolex on your wrist. With its LED-lights, the car is provided with much better lighting for both its silhouette and the road.
But looks are not everything - in this elegant Hyundai model, we can also find a whole lot of solutions to ensure maximum safety. It may even be regarded, that its creators have done everything they can to relieve the driver of his duties.
Among all these modern solutions, there are three which deserve special attention. Blind Spot Detection is an invention which allows the car to detect vehicles in the driver’s blind spot. The ACC system allows you to keep an appropriate distance to the preceding vehicle, and thus - to avoid stupid bumps. And the last noteworthy system is the autonomous emergency braking system that allows you to keep an appropriate distance from the vehicle prior to you even in situations when that vehicle brakes completely unexpectedly.
Discover what else is hidden in the Hyundai Genesis!

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