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Blogging, liking - how would it look like in the time of Louis XVI?

Social media sneaks into our private lives. On our profiles, we show photos from holiday trips, our children’s achievements, our pets and much more. There are also photos of food, not only artistic dishes served in gourmet restaurants, but also our daily pork chops with salad.

More and more often we write about our passions on blogs. Our private life is increasingly involved in such activities... And have you ever wondered how liking and blogging would look like in the times before the Internet, for example in the era of Louis XVI?


If you are curious, click on the video below, which shows how this kind of social media activity would look like. The film is part of a campaign by Ikea, which has been prepared to promote food storage products. Ikea’s offer features a lot of interesting solutions that enable to properly arrange space even in very small kitchens. Food storage containers are especially popular. They include ones that will allow you to store dry goods such as cereal, flour, and pasta, as well as those for the storage of liquids and marinades.

Get inspired with Ikea and create an ideal place to store food. And also remember to celebrate family meals.

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