Wednesday, 20 August 2014 10:02

A hypnotist at IKEA

Imagine this situation: you’re going to IKEA with the intention of buying something. Anything, maybe you’re planning to buy a bed, perhaps you want some boxes for your children’s toys or some new curtains for the living room. You’re wandering around the store and suddenly you see a well-known man from the TV. You come closer and see him hypnotizing other customers. Could this be true?

Well, it is. This is IKEA trying something a little different. Along with Justin Tranz, IKEA has decided to show its customers what it feels like to be hypnotized. What's more - you can take a wonderful journey into your future and see what awaits you in a few, or perhaps a dozen years. In this video, a young couple is tempted to take part in this experiment by entrusting the famous hypnotist and succumbing to his power. The effect? In the trailer below, we can see how two young people completely subjected to the will of the hypnotist are taken on a wonderful journey into the unknown.

Is it just an illusion, produced for the purpose of promotion? Or maybe it’s just ordinary acting? No, these are real customers. You will be able to see subsequent customers’ adventurers soon on IKEA’s Youtube channel, but for now, click on the video and discover Tranz’s amazing skills. And if you have the courage - visit your nearest IKEA store. Who knows? Perhaps there will be a hypnotist waiting for you too?