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Easy Ways to Make PDF Book Annotation

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PDF annotation apps are useful to help people modify and edit PDF documents that often need editing and rewriting.

Academic papers, scientific research, and business proposals can pass through several drafts and versions with several stakeholders participating in the creation of the document. This collaborative effort is better facilitated with an online annotation tool that can make sharing, viewing, and saving a PDF file easier with its many different features. 

Why Use Annotations 

Annotations can serve many different purposes. They can be used in both the creation and writing of a document, while finished, published works can benefit from annotations that provide further information or context. Annotations are often suggestions, questions, comments, and other editorial insights that authors wish to share with each other to refine and perfect their text. 

How To Add Annotations 

Using a PDF editing program or PDF highlighter can help you add annotations that range from the simple highlighting of a specific text, a combination of highlighting and commenting, or a suggestion for a different argument or wording of a text. You need only to open the document in the appropriate browser and use the annotation tools provided like highlighting and comments. 

Some PDF text annotation tools open a document in a different view, leaving a large sidebar next to the document that gives them many different editing options to use. You need to only open a PDF in the browser, choose the editing or annotations setting, and then read through the document leaving annotations along the way. 

Many online annotation tools give users several different options for making annotations that range from highlighting, underlining, and striking through to leaving separate comments and text referring to a specific passage or paragraph. Users can also insert dialog boxes or other text boxes to refer to a certain section of the text. 

How To Annotate a PDF with A-PDF Editor 

The functions of a PDF editor are numerous and are mainly having to do with making changes to PDF documents. Some of the other functions of a PDF editor include making technical changes to the document like compressing its size, converting the file to another file type or separating a large PDF file into smaller parts, or dividing up a file altogether. 

A program like Lumin PDF can help do all those things as well as help you make editorial changes to any text. Lumin is an online and offline program that can work within the company’s browser or the downloadable version that has many more advanced options. One of the main features of the program is the fact that users can add as many annotations as they want. 

Lumin can also sync with a cloud-based storage program like Google Drive or Dropbox so any changes made to a text are saved automatically. Opening and annotating a document in Lumin also lets more than one person view and edit the document, making collaboration between team members even easier and more convenient.

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