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Experience exciting moments with Red Bull!

This weekend, on 27-28 November, you have the opportunity to experience some real excitement at the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship. In addition, you will get a chance to win valuable prizes, one of ten tickets to the VIP zone for the final.

Remember that one ticket is an invitation for you and three of your friends. You have a chance to watch the Ice Cross Downhill final in the VIP zone together. You’ll feel the speed, danger, adrenaline and excitement up close. You’ll finally feel that you're alive! Submit your application on the Quebec website, and maybe it’s you who will get lucky.

The Championship will be held in Canada. It promises to be exciting from the very first race. Why? The one and only Scott Croxall will be aiming to defend his title on home soil. Will he beat his rivals?

The 10 edition of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship

For the tenth time we have a chance to participate in a unique sporting event that is packed with emotion, rivalry and adrenaline. The sound of metal on ice at enormous speeds and the screams of the crowds are synonyms of this event. Organise a group of friends, take part in the competition and you could win a ticket to the Grand Final. You’ll be sitting next to famous people from the world of sports to witness the event together that day.

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