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Winter holidays in Innsbruck - what is worth seeing during a winter stay in Austria?

Austria is often called the winter capital of Europe, due to the fact that many of its regions offer wonderful attractions for ski lovers.

 It is known for its excellent tourist infrastructure and great places to relax. That's why skiing in Austria is so popular.  However, Austria is much more than just mountains. Above all, it’s the people who spend their time in cafés or learn about local monuments and culture and are always satisfied with their stay in Austrian resorts. One of the most interesting regions in this respect is Tyrol and its capital Innsbruck. What is worth knowing about this city and how can you relax here during the winter holidays?

Innsbruck - a few words about the city's history

Innsbruck was founded in the Middle Ages, and the oldest records in its history mention it as a transit station in the 12th century. And just over half a century later, Innsbruck was declared a city. In the fifteenth century, it became a great metropolis and the capital of Tyrol. Emperor Maximilian I Habsburg chose this city as his main residence. At that time, the imperial court was located in Innsbruck. During the Napoleonic Wars, Tyrol became a part of Bavaria which sympathized with France. It was not until the Congress of Vienna when Tyrol was assigned to Austria.

What is there to see in Innsbruck?

There are many interesting things to see in Innsbruck and its immediate surroundings. If you have the chance to spend some more time there, take a moment to visit the Innsbruck Tourist Information website to check what there is to see and where to go skiing.
When in Innsbruck, it's worth visiting the two imperial castles - Hofburg, which currently hosts many cultural events, and Ambras. In Ambras, you can admire many artworks of the most famous painters from various periods, including Diego Velazquez, Titian, and Antoon van Dyck. There are also collections of armour and everyday objects in the halls.

Many significant monuments were built during the reign of Emperor Maximilian I, including the court church and Goldens Dachl.

After sightseeing, you can go to one of the cafes located near the picturesque old town.

Also be sure to visit Swarovski Crystal Worlds located in Wattens, as well as the Stams monastery, which was funded by Count Meinhard II from one of the Tyrolean dynasties.

Winter in Innsbruck - great attractions for skiers

Innsbruck in winter is above all a place for sports. One of the most famous facilities here is the Bergisel ski jump, where the Four Hills Tournament is organised. Innsbruck also hosted the Winter Olympics and the World Ski Championships.
Its great tourist infrastructure enables tourists to quickly get to the mountain slopes from the city centre. You can relax in a cafe or restaurant here, but the biggest attraction is the opportunity to enjoy skiing on the white slopes.
We recommend the Nordpark-Nordkette ski runs, whose total length of ski runs with various difficulties is 15 km, and Patscherkofelbahnen, where the total length of the routes is 18 km. In the vicinity of Innsbruck there are several other ski runs worth visiting, such as Rangger Köpfl-Oberperfuβ or Axamer Lizum Aufschlieβungs AG.

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