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When Selecting Mountain Biking Clothes, What Is A Necessity?

mountain biking clothing mountain biking clothing

What should be worn for mountain biking is determined by comfort, weather circumstances, protection, and, to some extent, personal style. Trail and downhill riders, in general, choose baggy clothing that consists of loose-fitting shorts with padded Lycra shorts below and a similarly loose jersey, but more race-focused cross-country cyclists may frequently go all Lycra.

If you are still starting out, the ideal kit is what you currently have, but as you develop, you will probably want apparel built specifically for mountain biking.


Most cycling jerseys have a loose fit and are available in short, three-quarter, or long sleeves. Padded shorts are an excellent choice since mountain biking is done on difficult terrain and riders spend a lot of time climbing into and out from their saddle.

The great thing about cycling jerseys is that they have the impressive ability to keep you cool when it’s sweltering, yet also keep you insulated and warm when it’s rainy or cold. The material has a lot to do with that ability, and cycling jerseys are made specifically to do exactly that. They also usually are made with odor and stain resistant material, so that once you throw it into the wash, it doesn’t smell as though you wore it on the trail all day, which is exactly what a t-shirt will smell like after riding in it. This is one of the main reasons mountain biking clothing is a serious part of your cycling game.

Cycling Shorts

Road-cycling bib shorts paired with a microfiber pad are great on their own or as an underlayer plus a pair of roomy mountain biking briefs over the top for trail riding. Padded briefs made of lightweight cloth or mesh are also available and are intended to be worn as liners beneath baggy shorts.

Baggy mountain biking shorts are often knee-length and made of a material that is elastic or a tough, tear-resistant material with stretch strips across the rear to allow the bottoms to move in tandem with the rider. They ought to offer enough space underneath for knee protectors.

Waterproof shorts shield your bottom as well as pad from spray from your back tire, allowing you to enjoy a ride in a downpour without the unpleasantness of a soiled diaper.

Waterproof pants

If you ride all year and live in a wet environment, riding pants will make a great difference in mucky circumstances. Riding slacks will not only keep you dry, but will also keep you warm when the temperature lowers and prevent you from becoming caked with mud (even though your gear will still bear the brunt of it).

Riding pants, like jackets, are often available in impermeable and water-resistant versions. Waterproof bicycle trousers are going to be composed of a hardshell fabric, similar to the type of waterproof trousers used for trekking, and provide enough rain protection at the expense of breathability.

Water-resistant slacks are more likely to be composed of a softshell fabric, which provides a better fit and durability, as well as a Durable Weather Repellent (DWR) coating to repel rain.


The great majority of riders on mountain bikes choose full-finger gloves because they provide more complete protection than mitts. Full-finger cycling gloves protect the fingers from crashes plus undergrowth (, while certain gloves have padding on the palms of the hands to give additional cushioning.

Because the probability of crashing is substantially higher for this sort of riding, gloves designed towards downhill as well as enduro riders frequently include extra protection on the backs of the hands. Gloves can also aid in grip since the palm is intended to offer additional traction on the handlebars.

Look for gloves with strategically positioned grippers to provide you complete control over your brakes and shifters. When cycling in chilly or rainy circumstances in the fall, winter, and spring, full-finger gloves provide comforting insulation and windproofing.

However, there is a wide selection of gloves available, with lighter versions for summer cycling and more extensively insulated ones for cold weather. Investing in a few pairs of gloves can help you prevent sweaty hands in hot weather and frozen hands in cold weather.


Long socks provide some thorn and path debris protection. Long cycling socks, in addition to making a fashion statement, can also safeguard the shins and thighs from scratches and scrapes caused by vegetation or the pedals themselves.

Riders of mountain bikes who cycle in wet situations like waterproof socks because they keep their feet toasty and comparatively dry when their shoes get wet. Lightweight, breathable socks, on the other hand, will assist keep your feet cool in the heat. There is also the option of placing waterproof shoe coverings over the tops of cycling shoes (a likely option if you are wearing slim-line shoes with clipless pedals), which gives even more rain protection.

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