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What is child psychiatry?

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Child psychiatry is a branch of psychiatry that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental disorders in children and adolescents. It is a relatively new field that has grown considerably in recent years, as more and more researchers have begun to understand the importance of early intervention in mental health.


What are some common disorders treated by child psychiatrists?

Some of the most common disorders treated by child psychiatrists include ADHD, anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorder, depression, eating disorders and bipolar disorder. Each of these conditions can be incredibly disruptive to a child's life if left untreated, so early diagnosis and intervention is essential.

How do child psychiatrists treat these disorders?

There areseveral different treatment options for child psychiatrists to use, depending on the child's symptoms and needs. Often times, child psychiatrists will prescribe medication such as antidepressants to treat depression, mood stabilizing medications in cases of bipolar disorder and stimulants in cases of ADHD. In addition, child psychologists here often work with a child or adolescent patient in order to teach them coping skills that can help them deal with issues in their daily lives.

Where do child psychiatrists work?

Child psychiatrists can choose from a number of different professional paths. Some child psychiatrists own their own private practices where they can specialize in specific mental disorders or types of patients (i.e., children versus adolescents). Others may take jobs at hospitals where they have access to lots of pediatric patients whoneed child psychiatric treatment. Still others can get jobs at schools or child care centers, where they work one-on-one with children to help them manage and overcome mental disorders.

I am interested in a job as a child psychiatrist. How do I get there?

The first step is to obtain a degree and education in child and adolescent psychology (provided by an undergraduate program). From there, students can seek out graduate training programs in child psychiatry or child psychology that have been accredited by the American Psychological Association [1]. These programs require applicants to provide GRE test scores [2] and letters of reference from academic instructors [3]. In many cases, students will also need to take part in an interview process before gaining admission into these competitivetraining programs.

Once child psychiatrists have finished their training, they may apply for licensing by the state in which they plan to practice (provided that they graduated from an accredited graduate program). States often require child psychiatrists to pass oral and written examinations before granting them permission to practice. Many child psychiatrists also choose to become members of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, National Child Traumatic Stress Network or other child psychiatry organizations.

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