Tuesday, 25 November 2014 19:00

Vita Aeterna Launches The First In The World Face Cream To Contain Ten Unique Peptides

Wrinkles and Fine Lines – The benefits of peptides in skin care have long been documented and stem from their potential to interact with specific skin constituents. In fact, some cosmetic peptides are derived from normally occurring proteins such as collagen.

When your skin is damaged, large collagen fibers are broken down into small fragments (or peptides), which in turn tell your skin to make new collagen. As a result, the first idea behind ProThelium [P-TEN]x, is to trick your skin into believing it has lost collagen by applying five unique collagen-derived peptides topically, thereby boosting skin’s own collagen production and effectively resulting in less visible wrinkles. Simultaneously, ProThelium uses three additional peptides to also boost other skin constituents such as proteoglycans and parts of the dermal epidermal junction.

Expression Wrinkles – These wrinkles are the result of facial muscle contractions and need to be treated differently than usual fine lines. ProThelium [P-TEN]x contains Argireline® and Syn-AKE®, two potent peptides that specifically target facial muscle contractions, particularly the forehead and laugh lines. Argireline® is fragment of a protein involved in nervous signaling and was shown to reduce the appearance and depth of expression wrinkles. On the other hand, Syn-AKE® is fragment derived from the paralyzing venom of the Black Temple Viper and is designed to reduce facial contractions in a controlled manner.

Dark Circles – ProThelium [P-TEN]x can be used on the face and around the eyes simultaneously. It contains N-hydroxysuccinimide, a compound that reduces blood originating pigments and inflammation under the eyes. The end-result is a dramatic reduction in the appearance of dark circles and bags.

Age Spots– ProThelium [P-TEN]x is infused with a high dose of niacinamide, a natural form of Vitamin B3 that was proven to visibly reduce hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Additionally, the product is also filled with vitamins E and B5 for a total nourishing effect.

Want to Feel Like a Queen?

Gold and Diamonds are Vita Aeterna’s signature ingredients delivered in a proprietary formula called AuraLift-GD™. ProThelium [P-TEN]x is no exception, like its predecessors, it contains fine diamond dust and visible gold flakes that will leave your skin positively radiant and smooth, all while providing you the luxury and experience of a personal spa treatment.

Want to Save Big?

Visit Vita Aeterna online between November 28th and  December 1st  for exclusive BLACK FRIDAY specials that are not available through any of their retailers. You could save up to 75% on select items and shipping is always free.

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