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Win exclusive furniture from BoConcept

Are you interested in decoration which will make your apartment look luxurious and classy? If so, you’ll be interested in BoConcept – a Danish company that has been operating for over sixty years, specializing in stylish furniture and accessories. Today this furniture can be yours. What do you have to do?

BoConcept is a company that specializes in the creation of furniture and high quality accessories. Modern design and durable materials make it suitable for virtually any interior. They can be the backdrop to many important events in your life. After all, everything tastes better when we give ourselves a bit of luxury.

If you want to live in a house decorated like a movie star’s then don’t wait - BoConcept has an elite contest for you in which you can win furniture and accessories valued at €10,000 and interior decorating services. Sounds tempting, right?

What do you have to do? Only complete the registration form, available by clicking on the video below, and answer a simple question - "Why should I win?”. A winner will be chosen from among the most interesting answers, and he or she will be able to enjoy their new furniture and unique interior.

And if you haven’t been charmed by BoConcept’s furniture yet, take a look at the video below.



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