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How to find a work-life balance as a remote-working parent

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Do not think that remote work is easy and simple and that it automatically gives you the opportunity to create a balance between professional employment and personal life. Working remotely is a skill that needs to be honed, such as the ability to negotiate with a customer, learn new programming languages, and any other skill.

For example, if you are interested in Python developer remote jobs, then you need to be prepared to build a clear system that has space for both professional duties and time for personal life and family.


Technical audit

You must be ready to switch to a remote work format. Don't buy hardware and subscriptions as you need them, but make sure you already have everything you need. Check with the employer and get access to platforms to communicate with them and your colleagues.

If you yourself do not have a complete list of what you need, consult with the responsible employee of the company about what exactly you need.

This will give you the opportunity to save time. Otherwise, what's the point of saving the same time on the road to the office if you spend it on such settings and equipment purchases?

A quiet working space

You'll have important work calls that need to be done in silence, you'll need to get in working order to write code productively, and a kid who suddenly bursts in can break it. 

Also, designate your working hours. This is extremely important for both the employer and your loved ones. Everyone should know that there is a time when you can write, call, and bother with your questions, and when you can’t.

Plan your out-of-office time

Of course, remote work is an opportunity for parents. But you can't just take a break to spend time with your child spontaneously. The employer should know for some time that you will not be available for these couple of hours. Also, try to do everything possible so that at this time colleagues or the boss do not have the need to bother you to solve some important problem or issue.

Explain to the children that you do not sit at home, but work

Mom or dad at home is a holiday for children, especially if you used to serve your duty in the office from 8.00 to 18.00 every day. But you need to explain to each child as clearly as possible that you are not sitting at home, but you are working at home. Tell them about the pros and cons of such work, that even if you are at home, you will not resort to them at the first call. Tell them that as soon as you finish your business, you will have time to have fun or go to the movies, but not before.

If you are convinced that all these conditions are met and the system works, you can safely go to this website and look for remote work.

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