Wednesday, 18 June 2014 11:32

Roosevelt Campobello International Park Celebrates 50 Years

From August 7-10, 2014, Campobello Island will be celebrating an important milestone – the 50th anniversary of Roosevelt Campobello International Park. Over the course of the weekend, several activities will be taking place to commemorate the importance of this site to both Canadians, and our American friends.

A new restaurant, called The Fireside after FDR’s iconic “Fireside Chats” will be opening in May 2014. The Park will also have a rededication ceremony featuring many dignitaries from both sides of the border as well as members of the Roosevelt family.

As a special addition during this anniversary weekend, a preview of Ken Burns’ series “The Roosevelts” will be held at the Park. Finally, a new Marine Mammal Exhibit will be unveiled at Mulholland Lighthouse in collaboration with the Canada Whale Institute and the New England Aquarium, and a 50-year commemorative book on the history of the Park will be released. If you haven’t been before, then 2014 is the summer you need to visit Campobello!