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Are you planning to be a creative mind of the internet? Nothing could be simpler. It's enough to have a good idea, desire and the minimal skills needed for you to be able to communicate to others what you want to talk about. You do not have to be a technological genius - it's just your passion and desire that count. And from time to time - some good advice from other artists. 

Such advice can be heard on StoryHive - a unique platform which brings together young artists of online content. Here you can get to know people just like you - full of passion, enthusiasm and willingness to pass their ideas on to others. On StoryHive not only will you be able to present your ideas and make them subject to initial criticism, but you will also learn many valuable things and refine your ideas. However, StoryHive isn't just a platform - it's also an interesting campaign for TELUS, which aims to support young artists. Creativity and the willingness to work have always been appreciated by TELUS, but this time there really is a lot at stake. In the second wave of this campaign, with the focus being on web serials, you can win up to $10,000 in project financing. With such money, not only will you be able to implement your ideas, but you will also be able to properly advertise them and start earning from them. If you want to learn more this topic, click on the video!


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