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3 Tips How To Decorate A Small Wooden House

Residential log homes Residential log homes pixabay

Just because you have a wooden house does not mean you can't show off your style. A small space can look more attractive and beautiful with the right decoration. You can easily decorate a log home with your creativity and style sense.

Let's dive into the three tips on how to decorate a small wooden house!

Immense Possibilities

Residential log homes offer immense possibilities to homeowners for decoration. The wood itself is a decor element that gives a rustic feel to your rooms. You can decorate the wooden walls with hangings of your choice, such as wall painting and murals. 

Or, you can opt for two shades of wood to make rooms look trendy and unique. Log house is no longer associated with basic rooms. However, there are numerous options for making it a comfortable abode.

More Open Areas

Try to create more open spaces in your log house, as this will visually make the rooms look bigger. For this, you remove the unwanted partitions in your residential log homes. This can provide more amplitude and allow you to use each nook more effectively. 

You can also combine the two rooms to create an open area. For example, you can merge your cooking area with dining space, which helps you to save your space smartly. 

  • Beware of Clutter

When decorating a small wooden house, focus on the "less is more" mantra. Allow plenty of open space in your home for mobility and function. This rule applies to all visible areas, such as the floor, countertops, and space between furniture pieces. Keep clutter out of sight with beautiful floating shelves and storage spaces. 

  • Invest in Multi-purpose Furniture

Folding furniture will save your time as well as space. You can not just start taking down walls to make additional space, let's face it. Instead, simply putting the right furniture will help you make better use of the space while decorating the rooms. 

When it comes to utilising the available space in your home, dual-functional furniture is your best bet. You may, for example, replace your heavy sofa with a sleeping couch.

Personal Items 

Focus on personal items to decorate your small wooden house:

Play with Curtains

You can buy elegant and straightforward styled curtains in natural hues to make your wooden house appear more prominent. You can choose dual photos of curtains and mix them, and it looks incredible in appearance. Then, create height to hang those curtains from floor to ceiling, hang in the window or any other space as your preferences.

Add Depth With Layers

If you think that layering is only for ample space, then you are not wrong at all. You can layer your beddings with blankets, cushions, and pillows to your bedroom. Layering is essential to note that layering is not only for piling one design element but also creates contrast.

Let's Wrap it

So, now you are well aware of bringing decorative elements to your small wooden house. The plan is first to set up wall hues and furniture. Then, bring in decorative elements. You can decorate your home by showing your creativity.

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