Monday, 19 October 2020 07:47

Pull-out kitchen waste bin is a must-have for your kitchen!

Pull-out waste bin  Pull-out waste bin 

No matter where your garbage can is in your kitchen, it takes a long time to throw them away, right? Especially in the case of waste segregation, this activity becomes even more tedious. Furnica addresses this problem by offering you pull-out kitchen waste bins!

Thanks to the unique design of this element of your kitchen equipment, throwing away rubbish will become easy. You will be able to cook food without getting dirty and running to the garbage bin, which due to its size is located in a remote corner of your kitchen. With Furnica, your waste bin will always be within your reach.

How it works?

A special pull-out mechanism is an alternative to traditional waste bins with a heavy opening flap or those placed in a cupboard under your sink. Just gently tug on the handle of your pull-out waste bin to open it smoothly and quietly. The presence of compartments will allow you to segregate your rubbish and food waste in one place! The sizes of the partitions can be adjusted to your needs and the choices of cabinet doors. 

Pull-out waste bin offered by Furnica are made of high-quality plastic and metal, which will allow you to enjoy their use for even longer! On our website you can buy many types of pull-out waste bins for your kitchen of different sizes and capacity, thanks to which you can easily adapt them to the dimensions of your kitchen furniture.

Why Furnica?

In Furnica, we care about you, so our offer includes only the highest quality modern products available on the market. Our pull-out waste bins are designed to increase the level of comfort of living in your home and ensure the safety of using your equipment and furniture.

Do you think assembling pull-out kitchen waste bins is complicated? Nothing could be more wrong! You only need the basic tools in your tool box. You don't need to be a specialist to be a hero in your home.