Sunday, 21 December 2014 19:00

Best wishes from KLM

Upcoming holidays are an opportunity not only to promote new products, but also to establish closer ties with customers. That’s why creative wishes and an interesting spot is the key to success. This is just the step KLM has decided to take.Christmas greetings are a great way to establish some interaction with your customers.

The company, which makes sure that it’s passengers feel comfortable and safe, shouldn’t lose sight of such a simple procedure like a Christmas marketing spot. So KLM’s idea of a little funny, but very pleasant way to pass on Christmas wishes seems to be a hit. Especially since this airline can offer great services on the occasion of the holiday season and ensure that you can travel safely with them.

KLM is an airline with a long tradition, based on customer confidence. Reliable connections with virtually all continents, and taking care of travel comfort and safety are the things that are most important in this industry. KLM has been on the market for nearly one hundred years, and so they know this and also know how to flatter the ego of its passengers – including how to make a pleasant wishful advertising spot.

Want to know what KLM has invented for its passengers? Click on the video!