Monday, 23 November 2015 12:27

Are We Eating Too Much?

A very important factor that is driving the increase in obesity is the increase in the amount of food we are eating. If we could go back a couple of generations ago and compare the amount of food they ate with the amount of food we are eating now we will truly be surprised.

Things have really changed. Not only have we increased the amount of food served in fast food restaurants but also at home we are increasing our meal portions to an unnecessary degree. Below are some tips to help you control your appetite.

Resist the edge to finish everything on your plate. I know mummy said you should always finish your meal before going out to play however in this context the advice is to stop eating the moment you are full. No need to get greedy. Eating out can be a challenge since you feel the need to finish the food as you've paid for it. What you can do is eat what you can and have the rest packaged for you to takeaway. Doing this will really help you cut down on how much you eat at a seating.

Start reading labels on the foods you buy from the supermarket. Doing this little tip will go a long way in helping your reduce the overly processed foods you are forced to eat every single day. The idea here is for you to check the nutritional content of the foods you buy.

If you really want to keep a healthy diet then you might want to stay away from those "all you can eat" buffets. These buffets can break down the will power of even the most disciplined person. Plus there is no point putting yourself under unnecessary pressure. Very difficult to resist and control your portion size when everyone seems to be going for more.

If you can keep an eye on how much you are eating and not overdoing it when it comes to the portions you takeFree Reprint Articles, you are much more likely to be successful in losing weight.