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Remote IT Support: Tips to Avoid Scams

Remote support is definitely quite attractive. You don’t have to go to the service person to repair your computer. Just dial a number and get connected through the Internet. But, experiences inform that you have to practice utmost caution when allowing someone else to access your computer. Make sure that you follow the tips given below when going for remote support to repair your computer.


Tips to remember when hiring remote IT support

The number of cyber crimes is always on the rise. Even though reputed companies have strong security measures in place to safeguard consumers, staying alert is the best way to protect yourself. The guidelines given below would help you a lot in this respect.

Know from whom you get the service

Understand that no reputed companies would call you saying that it has found a virus on your computer. If at all you are communicated, check the caller’s website and contact the number given there. This alone will help you safeguard your assets from scammers.  The best thing is to enter into a maintenance contract with a reliable service provider. When contacting a third party, make sure to check its authenticity before giving access to your PC. Do not give password or any other sensitive information on phone; no reliable company will ask for it.

Learn how a phone scam works

If you know how phone scams generally work, you will be better equipped to protect yourself. You get a phone call from someone claiming to represent Google or Microsoft. This is a must for scammers because any other name may alert the user. When you patiently listens to the person without cross-questioning, the caller goes forward; asks you to download and install a software. The application is definitely paid. You may also be asked to install a remote control tool. This gives the caller access to your PC; stealing your credit card and other sensitive data is now the matter of a few minutes. Do not agree to download any paid software without discussing the same with an IT professional.

Beware of tech-support popup

When you browse the Internet, you come across a popup. It will have a contact number and a message informing you that there is a malware installed on your PC. Do not call the number. Understand that no website is capable of analyzing your computer without you giving specific information on the same. The best way is to dismiss the message and restart your browser. If it fails, explore the Internet; it will come up with great tutorials to help you. You can also contact the manufacturer.

The easiest way to protect yourself from scam is never to give your name to those who contact you. Tell them that you will call them back after a few minutes. If the caller is a scammer, the person will either hang up or give a fake number.

Remote IT support is truly great. ButArticle Submission, you should know how to stay safe from scammers and other dangers.

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