Thursday, 23 June 2022 08:18

PzS battery made in Europe


The basis of everyday work in many enterprises are appropriate transport and cleaning machines, etc. In order for these devices to perform their work, proper power supply is necessary.

In the twenty-first century, the PzS battery is became more and more popular in companies from various sectors of the economy. What is the reason for the popularity? Read the text in order to find out the answer.

PZS batteries — what is it?

PzS is one of the types of traction batteries. Nowadays, PzS batteries are used to power forklifts, transport machines, lifts, etc. PzS batteries provide such benefits as:

  • resistance to mechanical damage and low risk of short circuit (if the PzS battery is properly operated),

  • long service life (up to even 1500 charging cycles),

  • resistance to extreme temperatures, moisture, acids, etc.,

  • long working time,

  • short charging time,

  • additional functionalities, including, for example, the Water Replenishment System (BFS).

PzS battery, which are currently used in companies, is not only an effective way to power industrial transport devices. Another advantage of this solution is the fact that the PzS is protected by an anti-corrosion coating. This solution is a good way to ensure long battery life.

All this abovementioned facts mean that the purchase of PzS should be treated as an investment in the development of the enterprise.

What devices are powered by PzS batteries?

PzS batteries can be successfully used in transport carts of the following brands:



  • BT / TOYOTA,



  • ROCLA,


  • YALE

  • STILL.

You should remember that the above brands are just a few of all the brands that offer PzS battery compatible forklifts.

Where can you buy PzS batteries?

Are you wondering where you can buy PzS batteries for industrial equipment? These types of devices are manufactured by various manufacturers. If you are looking for safe solutions for your business, choose the BATER brand. Why is this a good idea? The reasons are numerous. First of all, BATER is a PzS producer. This brand offers you:

  • competitive prices,

  • products that meet quality standards, (including, for example, DIN standards),

  • batteries containing components from recognized European producers. This fact is a guarantee of high quality products supplied by the PzS producer,

  • wide selection of batteries. For example, batteries made by BATER are available in vairous sizes and cells. This makes it easy for you to match the PzS battery type to your companys devices.