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Wednesday, 28 August 2019 11:01

Armoured cars

Many years ago, armoured cars were used only on the battlefield. Real development in this field of motorization started during World War II. Nowadays, armoured cars are still used for military purposes, but many car manufacturers also produce such cars for transporting cargo as well as people. Modern armoured cars are particularly popular among VIPs who value their privacy and security.


 All you need to know about armoured cars

At first glance, it would seem that modern armoured cars do not differ much from the ones we use every day. The vehicles which are designed for civilian use are similar to off-road cars, and the most luxurious models resemble top-of-the-line SUVs. However, their appearance is the only similarity, as armoured vehicles feature the latest technologies and most innovative solutions.

Armoured cars are not speed demons, they are heavy vehicles often weighing over ten tonnes. Such cars can achieve speeds of about 100 km/h as they are designed for travelling at low speeds on short routes.

Armoured vehicles are divided into several groups. B1 cars have light armour designed for protecting passengers against 9 mm rounds. B6 and higher are considered the safest. They are intended to even withstand mine explosions and 12.7 mm ammunition fire. The thickness of glass in such cars can reach as much as 10 cm and up to 14.5 cm for steel armour. The tires are also a crucial element. In the safest vehicles, the tires allow you to drive up to 100 km after damage such as piercing, cutting, or shooting.

There is more to armoured cars than strong outer armour. Many interesting things are hidden under the hood and in their interior. On-board computers for smooth operation and safe driving are the latest devices of their type. You can find out more about why these cars are so special at



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