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Movement – an essential element of a child's development

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Every parent wants their child to develop properly. However, it should be clearly emphasized that children today very often suffer from excess weight caused mainly due to their lack of exercise.

What are the dangers of too little exercise and how can we encourage kids to be physically active?

The main reasons why children do not get enough exercise

The technological revolution has contributed to electronic devices being everywhere today. We spend more and more time in front of computers and smartphones. This change also applies to the youngest who are eager to enter the world of electronic entertainment. While such entertainment is not a bad thing in itself, dosing it inappropriately can have far-reaching consequences.

The two main causes of obesity in children are lack of exercise and an inadequate diet. A sedentary lifestyle causes a rapid increase in weight, which from month to month reduces the chances that the child will want to play any sport or exercise. Such behavior is exacerbated by an inappropriate approach to the environment surrounding the child. Movement and sport should be a springboard from everyday life, not an unpleasant duty that must be performed.

It is therefore worth noting that the lack of exercise among children consists of many different factors that which perpetuate the harmful pattern – movement is stress, movement is torment, movement is fatigue. It is possible to help a child out of this vicious circle, but this requires the right approach and motivation.

What is the risk of too little exercise?

Reports and research clearly show that fewer and fewer children participate in physical education in schools. When you take into account the fact that these children spend much of the day at school, and then sit at home in front of the computer, it clearly shows the scale of the problem. Children today are exposed to the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle to the same extent as adults.

A lack of the right amount of exercise affects the entire body – muscles begin to weaken, problems with the spine and joints appear, blood pressure increases, and obesity can cause more and more problems with movement. The chronic lack of exercise only intensifies the aforementioned ailments, therefore parents should try to break this vicious circle. The sooner a child starts regular physical activity, the sooner the recovery and return to good shape and condition will begin.

How can ensure that my kids get enough exercise?

Let's start with the fact that a child cannot associate movement with work or something negative. Forcing a child to play sports in the vast majority of cases has the completely opposite effect and discourages from physical activity, which only exacerbates the negative effects of lack of exercise. Encouraging your child to move should be in the form of play and relaxation. It is worth emphasizing at this point that the so-called "monkey gyms" are becoming more and more popular. They allow children to show their creativity and discharge their excess energy. In such places, there are various types of obstacles, such as wall bars. Moreover, in order to ensure that their children get enough exercise, parents often choose to use these types of obstacles in their own home gardens. Climbing frames test children's curiosity and fuel the desire to climb to the very top, which only contributes to increasing the child's physical activity.

Why is it worth encouraging children to be physically active?

The sooner a child's lack of exercise is addressed, the sooner obesity problems can be overcome. What's more, playing sports and exercising has a very positive effect on mental balance, because a child can easily unload all negative emotions and frustrations. This is why movement is such an essential part of every child's development.

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