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Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is one of the veterans of the brand and is like the Land Cruiser is not negligible at the image of the durability of Toyota models involved. He emphasized not least in a TV appearance on the iconic British motoring show "Top Gear". The editors tried unsuccessfully a veteran Hilux, to prevent a fire, blasting, Marine Park and several accidents on driving. The battered pickup jumped again and again and hobbled last on its own axis to the TV studio after he had also survived the demolition of a skyscraper on its roof.


Toyota Hilux vans for coarser than


We wanted to come down quite so hard the Hilux not - it also wanted to ask anyone to blow up his high-rise available. Therefore, we used the automotive workhorse as it is actually meant: as a vehicle for coarser in all ways. This is precisely what the Hilux is predestined in the Single Cab version. vile daily trips to the supermarket the other hand, are not his thing. The cabin houses two seats, there's room for purchases solely on the truck bed. Because although they fit right on prima 30 bags bark mulch, but two baskets of food slide around in the rain would only baseless and they cannot even place it there. Toyota offers for this kind of problem but quite beside other cars as well as the Hilux Double Cab or Extra with four doors and five seats.


Toyota Hilux as tractor spare

The two-seater is just a work and not a recreational vehicle, as some other pick-up. During pick-ups in the U.S. and in many countries around the world that have more area as roads, are especially popular, they now lead in Germany itself as a work vehicle in a niche. Yards, street businesses and artisans take this country truck, based on popular vans, pick-ups are used more as a porter for the hobby. They could, unlike the common transporter offshoot, especially in rural areas and replace in forestry work some tractor probably that is only employed as a tractor. The Hilux is prepared with its all-wheel drive, at least for Kraxeleinsätze in steep forest trails well.


Unanswered Invited Toyota Hilux with a nervous ride


Its 2.5-liter diesel develops 106 kW/144 BHP and 344 Nm of torque honest to the drive wheels. He sounds that pithy, but not unpleasant and quite suitable to the genre. On the road, the Hilux has proven despite its length of 5.26 meters to be extremely handy. Where he drove unloaded and only with rear-wheel drives a bit too easy on the rear axle and again and again on a wet road curves slightly schwänzelt. Since he is probably not likely acquired as sports equipment, are a gentle foot on the accelerator is required, especially as a zügelndes ESP, called at Toyota VSC, available only for the top version Extra cab is. These little nervous driving changes when the pickup is loaded. Then he is sick on the road. For wild overtaking, it is designed neither empty nor loaded accelerate the 144 horses under the hood it is, nonetheless, a top speed of 170 km /


Appropriate equipment for the Toyota Hilux


Consumption is every day at nine liters, 7.3 liters are at Toyota as a standard value. That is absolutely fine for a working car that is designed for hauling loads and not on thrift. Speaking of frugal: the basic version of the Hilux costs 21,420 euros, our auger statutes wheel drive copy starts at 25,168 euros. The high cost is also explained by the switchable reduction and Hint reaches differential spare that makes the pick-up into a real utility vehicle. Facilities are otherwise appropriate. A sliding rear window creates a fresh breeze without big train. Manual air-conditioning costs 1249 euros extra, radio and GPS units 476 euros euros 952nd Which in this genre at least as important a trailer hitch Toyota calculated with 505 euros extra. All in allPsychology Articles, the Hilux is available as single-cab is a real truck. It does gardener plants or gardening enthusiasts with large transportation needs. As a daily driver it is not designed. (SP-X)

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