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When your home is a tent in the mountains

Since the beginning of time, man has set off into the unknown, attracted by things considered to be unattainable. What was once something quite abstract, such as reaching the highest peaks, is no longer something extraordinary.

Can we really call them crazy? And how would we describe people who love extreme skiing? Perhaps it suffices to say that they are simply happy people.

 The North Face, a brand producing specialist sportswear for all weather conditions, has created an interesting video showing the passion of these enthusiasts and their love for the mountains, as well as their courage to overcome their own physical and mental limitations. This video makes us think about what actually limits our dreams. Who has the right to define the individual happiness of every one of us? And who is able to objectively determine the line separating the normal from the crazy?

It’s worth asking yourself these questions not only when you want to do something that you have always dreamed about, something that others don’t appreciate or looks insane. You should also consider them when you’re just afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

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