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What is contact dermatitis?

Here we want to consider the contact dermatitis problem and the most important question is the explanation of this condition. So, the word “dermatitis” will show at once that this problem deals with the skin of the person. It also shows us connection with a certain allergic reaction.

If we talk about allergy, then we are to understand that allergy must be always caused by some triggers, also known as allergens. So, contact dermatitis appears in the result of the contact of skin with man-made or natural substances like various chemicals and products (we use a lot of them for tidying up the flat or washing our bodies). It's almost impossible to avoid them in your everyday routine. Even when a person washes hands with soap, the dermatitis may be developed (if taking into account that this activity is done rather often). Moreover, it can happen so that allergic reaction appears because of some metals used in gems (when they have direct contact with the skin). The same must be said about fabrics and clothes.

This dermatitis may be of 2 kinds (if we have in mind the reason of its development):

The 1st type of dermatitis is - irritant. This one is caused by chemical substances, which come in contact with the skin of the person. Don't mix this dermatitis with allergy. If we mean kids, this form is called “diaper” dermatitis, because the skin is irritated in places that are close to diaper. Sometimes this dermatitis may appear in the mouth's area of the child as the skin of the mouth here is often irritated by the residues of the food and other things.

As for the grown-up patients, contact dermatitis may appear as the result of people's job, when a person works a lot with strong chemicals and other materials from this range. To this category first of all may be referred nurses, surgeons, hairdressers, mechanics and others. Very often even usual housewives deal with a large amount of detergents (plus various cosmetics in addition).

And now let us consider the second type of dermatitis – allergic. It is a pure allergic condition which is more characteristic to those people, who've got inborn sensitivity towards some substances and materials they deal with in everyday life. The reaction shouldn't appear immediately, it can be shown in a day or so after the direct contact. The problem of sensitivity of the skin is rather wide-spread in different countries.

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