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Try a Different Kind of Poutine…

Saint John Saint John

While our neighbours to the west are known for their fries, gravy and cheese curd concoctions, Acadians in New Brunswick have their own kind of poutine – the poutine râpée. This traditional dish consists of a boiled potato dumpling with a pork filling; it is usually prepared with a mixture of grated and mashed potato, and served with white or brown sugar, maple syrup, molasses or fruit preserves.

Because of the time it takes to prepare poutine râpée, locals often considered it a meal that is saved for special occasions, especially popular during the holidays. Until now.
At Le Menu Acadien in Shediac, their specialty is Acadian dishes, just the way mémère made them.
On the menu you’ll find poutine râpée, as well as a whole host of other traditional Acadian delicacies such as chiards (râpée pie), beignets (potato pancakes), fricot au poulet (chicken fricot), paté au poisson (fish cakes), poutine à trou (baked fruit stuffed dumplings with sugar sauce) or pets de soeur(pinwheels). There are also tourtières (meat pies) and a healthy seafood offering, which the Acadians of the area have long enjoyed.
For an added touch of local colour, when staff take your order at the counter, they will ask for your name and your father’s name. When your order is ready, they call for you by saying “[Your name] à [Your father’s name], ta commande est prête, your order is ready.” And now, with your Acadian name, you are ready for a feast fit for an Acadian!

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