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Thursday, 11 June 2015 11:40

Time for the graduate

Do you dream of a career in a large corporation, but apart from good grades on your diploma, you don’t have too many achievements? No need to worry about that. Within nine months, you can be reborn on the labour market and obtain any job that you want. Negotiation skills, basic accounting, and participation in numerous projects – these are all part of the unique Master of Management program at Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School.

This program is dedicated to the best and most talented university graduates who focused during their studies only on learning, and didn’t gain any experience. Within nine months you will learn valuable skills and you will boost your CV with a few noteworthy items.

The program is comprehensive - during intensive courses, you will learn not only how to face your future employer during an interview, but you will also gain experience by participating in projects. All within a few months, during which you won’t have to spend your time on going from one internship to another.

Participants speak very positively about the program. After clicking on the video, a page will open where you can read about their experiences. Learn more today and take part in the Master of Management program!


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