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Sun and sun allergies

Does it sound strange? But actually, there are plenty of patients who suffer (according to their own words) from sun allergies. These people get allergic reactions because of the sun's influence. As for the first symptoms of sun allergies, they are following: itchiness, the sensation of burning or nettle rash.

The problem is also that certain signs aren't seen at the first stages, so people go on staying in the sun without knowing about the danger. The reaction on the sun is often shown on the person's skin. In many cases it happens because people take some pills and tablets and their skins becomes rather sensitive to the sun-rays.

Still, a lot of patients suffer exactly from the sunrays and their influence may end up in the skin problems. Nettle rash can appear because of the heat effect. Sometimes various dermatitises develop as the result of combination of the sun and some chemical substances (lotions and creams).

Very often allergy is connected with the usage of the sunscreens. Now we mean contact dermatitis. The reaction begins on those areas where you've put a sunscreen substance and when the sunlight reaches these areas. This is not to happen for sure, but if a person is predisposed to allergies, a sunscreen allergy may appear. Sometimes specialists refer to this problem as to the photo-contact skin allergy.

So how the photo-contact condition can be developed? First of all it is connected with areas, which the sun can reach easily. Arms, shoulders, face, etc. In some cases neck is also harmed.

If you doubt the quality of the chosen sunscreen – don't be quick with the conclusions. The allergy may be caused by certain elements in the product – perfumes or many others.

That is why many manufacturers recommend to test each product on the small area of the skin.

So, let's also consider those who can belong to the group of risk of getting this allergy.

Fist of all, these are women who like to use a lot of cosmetics for the skin and sunscreens too.

Those, whose skin has been once damaged by the sun-rays.

Patients, who have already suffered from various dermatitises.

People, who are in need of spending much time in the direct sunlight.

What elements in the sunscreens may lead to an allergy?

To tell the truth it is almost impossible to find the ingredient that may cause all these skin problems. In fact, it can be done in the laboratory, including various testing. As a rule, sunscreen allergy develops because of the active components in the substance.

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