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Milk and friends

Have you seen the latest hit series on YouTube - 'Snack Time'? No? Then you MUST see these videos! Eh, but why? Simple - to find out what is happening in the secret lives of our snacks, which you can only do if you take a closer look and get to know them a little better. Click on the video and you will know what we’re on about…

In the world of cartoons, nothing is impossible. We’ve already seen the personification of all kinds of creatures and objects, but have you seen a series in which the main character is a carton of milk? Heh, I bet you haven’t! Snack Time is a series of short animated films, in which we see the adventures of the milk carton and his friends, such as the piece of cake or the marshmallow. No boring, harsh facts about products! You don’t want to hear that… it’s all just pure entertainment! Give milk a chance in these short, fun, thoroughly entertaining videos. See the situations in which milk finds himself and how he is treated, and I’m sure that you will also find it in your heart to treat milk differently next time you see him on the shelf in the store.

After all, milk fits in with virtually any snack, is easy to store, and you can take milk with you almost anywhere!

But what's all this about? Simple - milk is just ... cool. That is a fact, especially if it’s fresh from the fridge! Here are just a few videos to watch, but we invite you to go to the YouTube channel where you can see the whole series of these videos! 

Want to know more? Click on the video and watch the further adventures of milk and friends!

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