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Mannequins - a way for presenting clothes

Clothing stores are constantly trying to find ways to outdo each other in creating eye-catching exhibitions to present their offer. In order to sell as many items as possible, chain stores and exclusive boutiques have to effectively show off their products. Merely hanging them in the store or laying them out on shelves is not enough, because it is difficult for customers to imagine themselves wearing these clothes.

Therefore, more and more stores are investing in high-quality mannequins. However, today's mannequins have come a long way from the ones some may remember from a few decades ago. They are a much more realistic and can be set in virtually any position.


Due to high demand, there are many companies specialising in the manufacture and sale of mannequins. Since these products are so lightweight, they can be given any form and are highly durable. Such a mannequin will encourage customers to enter the store and find out more about its product range. It is important for many clothing manufacturers that mannequins can be ordered not just of the right age or gender (eg. infants or preschool children), but they can also be fully customised in terms of size or appearance (eg. colour, type of material).

Due to the fact that the number of online stores is rapidly increasing, mannequin producers also offer models that can perfectly showcase the product in photos. They are created specially for this purpose.

It is also worth mentioning mannequins "for special tasks", which are used to present unusual clothes. These include mannequins showcasing maternity clothes or plus size fashion.

Another interesting proposition are dynamic mannequins, whose poses imitate movement. They are especially suitable for sportswear stores.

When choosing mannequins for presenting clothing or accessories such as hats or jewellery, remember that the proper display of the product is an absolutely key factor that will encourage potential customers to enter the store and purchase your products.

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