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Japanese household chemicals

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Household chemicals are a group of non-food products derived from the synthesis of various chemical components. It is required for the care of the garden, home, appliances, utensils and other items. It includes detergents, cleaners and other necessary products. In recent years, chemistry from Japan has become a special demand in the market. There are several reasons for this. One of them is the simple japanese household chemicals export. These companies are engaged in this:, - which favourably affects the price and quality of products. There are no special requirements, products are not subject to export duty. Let's take a closer look at what its peculiarities are.

Advantages of household chemicals from Japan

  • Environmental friendliness. Japanese products use only natural components. This guarantees hypoallergenicity, safety for human health and the environment. For example, there are no phosphates and chlorine in powders and laundry gels. If the composition includes surfactants, enzymes, they are delicate, fully biodegradable.
  • High quality. This is one of the main features of products. Manufacturers from Japan at every stage carefully control the process (starting with the selection of raw materials), resort to innovative technologies, which allows to ensure high quality standards.
  • Diversity of goods. Thanks to a wide range of products, it is possible to choose cleaning products for all rooms.
  • Economical consumption. This can be achieved thanks to the concentrated composition of the means. On average, one average package is used for at least 2-3 months. For example, a bottle of washing powder weighing 300 g is enough for about 100 applications.
  • The absence of a sharp, unpleasant chemical odour. This is due to the fact that Japanese household chemicals do not add artificial fragrances, which in addition to unpleasant odour, provoke the development of an allergic reaction. Usually the odour is barely noticeable (of plant extracts).

How to buy products

There are companies on the market that give you the opportunity to buy japanese household chemicals at an affordable price. In catalogues there is a large selection of products: toothpastes, soaps, bleaches, stain removers, dry cleaning for the bath, laundry conditioners and much more. In total there are several thousand products in the assortment. All products are accompanied by documents confirming their quality (certificates, declarations, RU).