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Educational puzzles - a good gift idea for a child

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When looking for gifts for little ones, many people think about choosing items that will be both attractive and developing. It is often a challenge to match gifts to the age of a child. Educational jigsaw puzzles are an idea that will appeal to kids of different ages. What is worth knowing about them and how to choose the right set?

Gifts for the youngest

In the rich offer of educational puzzles there are, among others, wooden products for babies. They are usually suitable already for toddlers aged 18 months. Such toys may depict pictures with animals or friendly characters. They often show everyday scenes, such as life on a farm. Matching puzzles to the gaps in the board with appropriate shapes will be a great challenge for toddlers up to 3 years old. Individual elements in such sets are usually equipped with special handles, making it easier to manipulate the objects. Playing with the jigsaw puzzle will help the kids to exercise manual skills. It will also have a positive influence on concentration and attention skills. Playing in matching elements is very important for the development of kids at this age. Thanks to interesting and colorful patterns, the puzzles are sure to appeal to children.

Gifts for preschoolers

Educational jigsaw puzzles are also a great choice of interesting proposals for preschoolers. Children aged 3 - 4 should be offered sets of puzzles with several elements and interesting pictures. The patterns may refer, for example, to a fairy-tale world. They can also depict animals living in different areas and vehicles or professions. Sensory puzzles can be interesting gifts for children between two and four years old. These types of sets have elements equipped with pieces of material with a specific texture. The animals presented in the picture may have fur that is nice to touch. On the other hand, elements such as leaves will be made of rough material. This solution offers the youngest imitation of empirical impressions, allowing them to explore the world on many levels. The use of this technique also affects the development of the sense of touch.

Puzzles for school children

Children in the early grades of primary school will certainly like jigsaw puzzles, which will also allow them to acquire new knowledge. The most interesting proposals include puzzles of maps of the world or the solar system. A properly selected set will turn out to be a perfect gift for a child. Thanks to its advantages, puzzles will positively influence the development of the gifted person. See Progressive puzzles - BananaPanda