Friday, 23 January 2015 05:08

Discard the time-worn hair removal techniques and adopt laser methods !

Laser hair removal is meant for individuals who want to get rid of undesirable body hair and wish to ward off the problematical and time-consuming approaches of hair removal such as waxing or shaving.


Nobody wants to have unattractive body hair that can pose a problem for the desire of owning smooth, hair-free skin that can be flaunted. These days, as the best solution to this, most people are going in for laser hair removal treatment.


Why is Hair Removal Indispensable?

Apart from beautifying reasons, there can be other persuasive reasons why people want to take out body hair such as on medical grounds. This is necessary when due to some hormonal discrepancy, women start growing hair at places where they are not supposed to, for example facial hair. Social and cultural reasons direct hair removal sometimes so that one can look attractive in the society.


The role of laser in hair removal procedures

The laser has become a meticulous surgical device extensively used for a variety of procedures. Currently, lasers have been employed for the fast and gentle deletion of unsolicited hairs. The laser works by guiding an effervescent ray of light, of a specific wavelength to detailed areas on the skin. The light passes unswervingly through the skin, but is riveted by the coloring in the hair follicle and shaft. Once absorbed by laser beam, the follicles are damaged from impending growth, and ultimately perish. Laser hair removal has come a long way since the first laser for hair removal attained FDA authorization in mid-1998.


How can you achieve best results?

Hair pigment and skin nature are the vital factors that rule the success of laser hair removal. It is utmost efficacious on people with dark hair i.e. reddish-brown or black and light skin. However, it can also be used on folks with darker skin tones. Although one laser sitting can produce notable hair removal, usually, manifold treatment sessions are needed to get optimum results. This is for the fact that laser hair confiscation is most operative for hair, which is in the growing stage. Since hair breeds in different time cycles, not all of the hairs are in the growing segment at any specified time. Therefore, further sessions are required to clasp all of the hairs when they are in this stage. Every area, excluding near the eye, where there is surplus hair growth can be treated. The most common zones are the face, upper lip, underarms, neckline, chest, breast area, back, belly, bikini line and legs.


Post treatment

After the treatment, many patients have a slight sunburn-type feeling that declines in 2-3 hours. Lotions and cool wrappings can be of great help at this time. Small wound parts can be treated with relevant antibiotic till resolved. Sun block should be used for up to 6 weeks after treatment if sun contact has to be there.


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