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Clothing Tips For The Tall, Slim Man

As a tall, slim guy it is always a challenge to find clothing that actually fits you. It isn't even worth looking in stores anymore. Learn what to look for in your online search for clothes that fit.


Have you ever walked down the street and been stopped by someone who asks if you play basketball? Then you must be a member of the tall guy club. If you are also big then you're in luck. Plenty of clothing manufacturers and retail stores carry clothing in your big and tall size.

But what if you aren't big, just tall? Is there a slim and tall brand or store? Sadly, no, there isn't it. However you need not be discouraged. You can still find clothes that fit, you just have to look online.

So what should you be looking for exactly? First things first. If you see "tall" or "slim" in the description, it's probably going to fit you better than the standard size. Much better. So there's a good start.

If you are shopping for jeans or pants, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that straight leg or slim straight aret he cut for you. These pants hand below the natural waist at your hips. If your pants are an inch or two lower than normal, that helps with the length. Straight leg also ensures you won't look ten feet tall or that your legs go up forever. You probably want to go up a waist size from what you are used to as well. That's just how straight leg cuts fit. But that's a good thing since it is much easier to find pants that are 30x34 than 28x36.

For shorts, you are simply looking for a 13" inseam. If you are in the seven foot range you may consider 15" inseams. But anything shorter probably won't get to your knees, so read the descriptions closely and go for those longer shorts.

Shopping for t-shirts is probably the worst. Most brands have tall options, but they only offer them in Large, X-Large and XX-Large. If you need a medium or small in the chest but need more length, you are out of luck when it comes to major brands. Fortunately there are brands out there like TallSlim Tees that make shirts specifically designed for tall, lean guys. Those are the kinds of shirts you want to look for as they will fit your body type better than shirts with a little extra length.

When it comes to dress shirts you have a lot of options, but your best is to get a custom shirt made. Several websites offer this service. Give them a few measurements, pick your material and choose a pattern and color. They will then make the perfect button-up shirt for you. The best part is they are pretty affordable too.

If you are tall and skinnyComputer Technology Articles, don't despair. There are clothes that fit out there. You just need to go look for them.

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