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Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without Breaking The Bank!!

In this upcoming issue of How To Put The Fun Back Into Dating, set to release February 12th ,we’re explaining to readers how to celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending a wealth of money.


Every year people spend a small fortune on chocolate, roses, stuffed animals, and restaurant bills to spend Valentine’s Day with the person they care about, but they don’t have to in order to show how much they care.

In the Feature, we’re giving readers the must-have couple’s kit to have a very special Valentine’s Day without emptying their wallets completely. These elements will produce a night that is much more memorable than dinner downtown!

Instead of the typical roses and chocolate for gifts in the Check It Out we’re telling you the items all couples should exchange for a faster and more enjoyable way to set the mood!

Each Valentine’s Day people are looking for fun and creative ways to tell their partner “I Love You.” Instead of buying them a gift they’ll put on the shelf, show them a small token of affection that they will keep in their heart’s always. We’re telling readers ways they can accomplish that goal in Your Better Dating Minute.

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