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Can Married Men and Women Be Friends?

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This question has been asked many times as it can be a sensitive subject. Can men who are married be friends? Well, the answer is maybe. It can sometimes be a good friendship because you already understand the rules. The woman will know the man is married and should be able to respect his boundaries. 


On the married man’s behalf, he should respect his wife enough not to want anything other than a friendship. If he wants more, that says a lot about his marriage. It also shows he can not be trusted. There is always a tightrope to walk in this type of friendship. It can be very tempting for a married man who becomes close to a mail order girlfriend. 

So the question then arises what can be done to prevent a married man from falling in love with a sexy single woman? The first thing that needs to happen is both the man and woman must respect each other. If they respect one another, they will try their best to never fall into a wrong relationship. 

Another thing to remember is that if the single lady meets his wife, this will be a good thing. It will allow the woman to meet and chat with his wife, giving her empathy for their relationship. The closer they become, the more respect they should have for one another. This should keep the friendship just that and not allow it ever to become anything more. 

Tips On Friendship For Married People

Through Chinese dating, many men who have been married for many years can get tempted. It is a good idea not even to get involved with any of the small chats which are available online. Temptation is a powerful thing and can break many men into submission. It is a good idea for married men to stay well clear of any temptations. It is not worth it. The best strategy would probably be never to be alone with a single woman. 

Make sure that there will always be other people around when you meet; this will keep temptation at bay. But if you would like to make sure you are never in a tricky situation, stay away from women friends. Here are some tips below for married people:

  • Always have respect for your partner
  • Do not spend much time alone with a single person
  • Allow your single friend to meet your wife
  • Always be conscious of your partner

It may sound a little harsh, but many men find it challenging to keep their hands to themselves around single ladies. There are many married men who enjoy trying to find a wife online free. They are never satisfied with the woman they have; they will always want more. For these types of gentlemen, it is undoubtedly a good idea to have only male friends. There will be no chance of anything happening to jeopardize the marriage. 


It all depends on the type of man you are. If you are happily married, you will not have a desire to cheat on your partner. If your marriage is on shaky ground, you will probably always find a reason to cheat. 

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