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Create your job-winning resume

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It is essential to consider what a hiring manager or an HR representative is looking for while applying for any job. Their demands to hire a candidate will be a combination of things, but some are crucial elements and must be present in your resume.


To create a strong resume, you can take help from a resume builder to secure your position in any business organization.

Traits of a Job-Winning Resume 

Make your resume strong by including some of the following factors in it. Take support from a good and well-known resume builder to keep your resume up to date and appealing to your employer.

According to Job Description

It would be best to make the reader's job easy by showing an exact match between your skills and the job requirements. Consistently demonstrate how you meet the essential skills, describe your relevant experience and attributes. Highlight all of your most relevant strengths, but you must eliminate unrelated details to that particular position. Add similar keywords in your resume that matches the job description to create a link regarding you and the job position in the reader's mind.

Structured Correctly

You must write your contact details at the top of your resume. First of all, Include your full name, present address, active phone number, and email address. At the second point, add your relevant education and past training programs, starting with your most recent studies. There must be your career history in reverse chronological order.

You must list your previous or current job title, the employer's name, and a short description of the company. Do not forget to add the periods of your past or present job. After your experience, you must add your key responsibilities, relevant skills, and accomplishments for each role. You can End your resume by naming your references. You can also state that the "reference" will be available upon request.

Pay attention to your Achievements

It would be best if you highlighted vital responsibilities. Always incorporate The unique accomplishments that make you stand out. Describe how you will contribute to the organization. Add your innovative ideas, experience, exceed targets, problem-solving skills, strategies to attract new customers. Where possible, describe how you added value with numbers, percentages, or dollar amounts in the past.

Compelling Reading

The tone of your resume must be very enthusiastic, upbeat, and professional. Always add your strongest and most relevant points first. You can use action words such as 'completed,' 'developed' and 'managed,' and add superlatives such as 'first,' 'best' and 'highest.' Don't forget to Present your accomplishments honestly but confidently using high impact words. It will help you to stand prominent and make your resume more compelling. You can take support from any resume builder to enhance the readability of your text. 

Cultural Experience

If you have experience with people from other countries and cultures, add it to increase your hiring chances. It will be wise to include any language you speak. You can add your past time and experience in a foreign country, any connections you have abroad, etc. It will be beneficial for you as different companies have to deal with and even negotiate with international partners.

Community service

These days, every other person claims to have a big heart, but only a few can quantify their charitable accomplishments. So if you have any experience related to community service, you must add it to make you different from your competitors.

Appropriate format

The layout of your resume must be simple with lots of white space. All of your information should be present in the form of bullets.  You must use a simple and readable font style and size. Usually, the two pages are sufficient, so choose clear and concise language. It will be good to give your resume to some of your family members or friends for proofreading. To further polish your resume, you must check out what employers are looking for. To keep your format error-free, you can use an efficient resume builder.

Use an online Resume builder tool

To make your resume more attractive and prominent, you can take help from an AI-based resume builder tool.

  • SmallSeoTools.com

The resume builder by SmallSEOTools aims to create a resume that can help you get your dream job.  It lets you choose the best free resume template and create your custom resume immediately. It is the best resume builder that offers you a variety of options to design your resume within no time.

Different choices to make your resume:

  1. This free resume maker has templates from every category, so you have to select the most suitable one as per your preference. Every template has a different layout.
  2. This online resume builder eliminates the need to format a resume independently; you must fill in the relevant template information.
  3. After selecting and feeding the information, this best resume builder allows you to download your resume in different t formats such as PDF, PNG, or JPG, format by clicking the download button.
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