Thursday, 18 December 2014 19:00

Time for Holiday Mode!

Do you want to surprise your closest ones this Christmas? Then turn off all types of electronic devices: your computer, mobile phone and tablet, and just spend the holidays with your family. This is no joke, but a new idea from TELUS.

TELUS encourages us this year to switch on #HolidayMode, in which we completely devote ourselves to our families. What does that mean? Completely doing away with all electronics in order to spend these precious moments with our families as was done before the age of such equipment.

The idea seems to be brilliant - who among us isn’t dependent on technology nowadays? We are online virtually non-stop - whether it be on Twitter, Facebook or email. Smartphone applications even allow us to quickly see who threw what on their social media profile. However, do we really have to be online at Christmas?

TELUS advises you to disconnect. Turn off the cell phone, remove unnecessary applications from your phone and tablet, and just spend a few minutes with your family and friends. You do not have to be constantly on the network to be available and in touch with other people. Check out this Christmas how beautiful the world really is and how electronics really can obscure this fact.

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