Tuesday, 25 September 2018 05:45

The Volvo FH is back!

Volvo has been impressing us with its ideas for advertising campaigns for a long time now. You will not find them merely describing the advantages of their cars in a standard way, nor will you see them battling for clients in the salon. The creators of their campaigns go one step further. And instead of just describing it, they show what a truck from Volvo can really be proud of. So what have they prepared for us this time?


A red carpet, the entrance to an exclusive casino. A real touch of luxury. Before the entrance, the doorman is welcoming guests and guiding their cars to the nearby car park. It is a responsible job and requires not only extraordinary refinement, but also considerable skill. After all, none of the guests' cars are to be damaged.
Now imagine that this is your first day on the job. The very fact that it is the first day shatters your nerves, and the stress level is at its maximal height. So what would you feel if you had the new Volvo FH in front of your very nose, whose driver asks you to have it parked somewhere, with a smile on his face?
That's what happened to Ambrogio Adani - a young man who fell victim to the idea of ​​the Volvo campaign creators and its contractor, director Henry Alex Rubin. Hidden cameras deployed around the casino filmed the response of Adani to the Volvo in front of him.
How did Adani react? Check by clicking on the video!