Thursday, 16 December 2021 10:41

The Ontario Liberal government, in a surprise press conference today, announced their plan to combat the ever-rising costs of Healthcare

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Healthcare accounts for roughly half of all government spending and has become a serious issue when it comes to provincial politics. Earlier this year former Premier Kathleen Wynne was defeated when her budget included an increase in Healthcare taxes that she refused to compromise on.

In early elections the PCs came into power with a much smaller majority than expected, however they were unable to pass much legislation due to Healthcare being such a big topic.


In order for Healthcare costs not to outpace inflation or economic growth, Healthcare spending must increase at a slower rate than the economy as a whole. The previous PC plan consisted of many small changes including reducing administrative costs, increasing the use of technology, and moving towards a capitation model

The Liberal plan, which will be implemented over click the next four years, focuses on three main goals

1) Improve access to Healthcare for everyone in Ontario, regardless of where they live or their income level

2) Make Healthcare more affordable for families and businesses

3) Strengthen Healthcare services across the province.

One way the Liberals plan to improve access is by making it easier for people to get appointments with their doctor. They also plan to increase the number of nurses and other healthcare professionals working in the system. The Liberals have not yet released all the details about how they plan to make Healthcare more affordable, but theyhave said that they will be working with Healthcare providers to find ways to reduce the cost of services without compromising on quality.